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    Aikido Kokikai250 W 26th StNew YorkNY10001646-390-0222http://www.nycaikido.com

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    A new Aikido school will open October 10th at 250 West 26th Street in Chelsea, with classes offered three nights a week. Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art that teaches coordination of mind and body to develop calmness in action and the strongest human condition. It is a highly effective system of self-defense that does not depend on muscular strength. Aikido techniques can be effective without harming the attacker, making practice comfortable and ethical self-defense an ideal. Aikido was created in Japan in the early twentieth century by Morehei Ueshiba, who is regarded as one of the great martial artists of modern times. Ueshiba believed that martial arts techniques could be “vehicles for the cultivation of life, knowledge, virtue and good sense, not devices to throw and pin people”. He believed that “the real way of the warrior is the art of peace, the power of love”. Aikido Kokikai was founded by Sensei Shuji Maruyama, an “uchideshi” (student who lived in the dojo) of Ueshiba. Maruyama was one of the first Aikido instructors sent from Japan to America, coming to Cleveland in 1966 and then Philadelphia. There are now over fifty Kokikai dojos (practice centers) throughout the world. Sensei Maruyama lives in Nagoya, Japan, and comes to the United States three times a year, inspiring his students with his teaching.


    • Sensei Shuji Maruyama
    • Gary Snyder Sensei

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